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Design your own Vintage Wedding Invitations

by The Boutique Paper Co. on May 26, 2014

Nothing depicts sophistication and endless romance better than a vintage-inspired invitation

First off, congratulations on your joyous occasion! As Rita Rudner, an American comedian, once stated, “I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” Agreeing to commit and share the rest of your life with another person is literally, a life-changing decision and one that deserves to be celebrated.

Designing a wedding invitation is the first step to getting plans in motion. It’s your chance to create a unique, personal stamp and hint at what’s to come. As well as celebrating the bond between two individual personalities, the visual elements of your invitations will also help to set the mood for your guests to gauge what to expect on your big day.

For many happy couples, vintage wedding invitations are a timeless and classic choice. The term “vintage” in itself can be defined rather broadly, from 1920s flapper(The Great Gatsby) through to 60s retro (think Andy Warhol and the Beatles). However, who’s to say you can’t take your favourite signatures from each era and seamlessly incorporate them into the general theme of your special day?

We can help you!

At The Boutique Paper Co., we love captivating the magic and timeless romance of your blissful occasion with unique, beautiful vintage-themed wedding invitations. With an elegant, online collection featuring a diverse range of styles to reflect your personality and preferences, we’re sure you’ll find a design to be inspired by and to complement the theme of your wedding.

Create a vintage luxe feel with pearls, jewels and baroque design elements.

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Encapsulate your inner princess and choose a feminine theme with lace, floral, ribbons and soft colours such as peach, cream and champagne.

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For more inspiration and ideas, download our collections and view our entire range! We lovingly design and craft each piece in our production studio and deliver finished projects to couples all across Australia!

If you want that special, personal touch to be added to your wedding day, turn to the leading designers at The Boutique Paper Co. for assistance. Fall in love with our designs and contact us on 02 9331 6424 today!

Ideas for Custom Wedding Invitations

by The Boutique Paper Co. on May 26, 2014

Encapsulate the magic and beauty of your day with inspired customisations

So he’s finally done the deed – gotten down on one knee and uttered those simple, yet so pivotal, words that can send your head spinning with uncontained excitement (and relief). ‘Will you marry me?’, with slight variations here and there, spells out a lifetime of committed companionship and the days of being a lone ranger can be left behind.

Whether you’re thinking of a low-key, intimate wedding or intend to go full-blown bridezilla and have every single element nailed to a tee, The Boutique Paper Co. can help to get you started on few ideas for designing custom wedding invitations. Your wedding day should be all about celebrating the love between you and your handsome groom, and a unique invitation is just the first step to preparing your guests for the magical day that lies ahead.

Decide on a theme

  1. Photograph wedding invitations – it can be as simple as a well-chosen, “picture-perfect” moment that was captured on camera. Even if it’s a holiday snap taken by a complete stranger, a photograph is always a safe and great starting point. Your options are truly endless.
  2. An era bygone – Loved the Great Gatsby? Vintage themed invitations emulate a touch of elegance and timeless romance. Download our templates for some inspiration and ideas!
  3. Locational based – If you’re getting married in a rustic, country destination or in a traditional church, try running an earthy, classic theme with your invitations. If it’s modern, stylish venue, match your invitations with the colour scheme of the place or go for a vintage luxe tone.
  4. Cultural undertones – If you share a love for Japan, why not design invitations with beautiful cherry blossoms as a focal point? Get in touch with your cultural roots and be inspired.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, Pinterest is a great visual platform for ideas shared by people all around the globe.

Custom order lace, floral and boxed wedding invitations online

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At The Boutique Paper Co., our talented designers have accumulated extensive experience in helping blissful couples across Australia to create designer, vintage wedding invitations. With all orders intricately designed and crafted in our studio, you can trust us to add a personal touch to your customized invitation!

For more ideas and information on how we can help you celebrate your special day with exquisite signature wedding invitations that will suit any theme, contact us on 02 9331 6424 today!

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